The Language Club of Westchester

"Recognition and recall of a language depend on proficiency, exposure and practice."




Barry Farber, founder of The Language Club, conceived the idea of conversing in foreign languages weekly at separate language tables in a public venue. At the same time, he instituted the "buddy system" in which the more fluent members help others to improve their foreign language knowledge in an informal, relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie and encouragement. People of various backgrounds and disciplines come together to speak, practice, and improve one or more foreign languages of their choice.

We value the importance of speaking in a foreign language, as it is a bridge to understanding and enjoying other cultures more fully. Our members also partake in special language-related cultural events.

The speaking of English at the language tables is strongly discouraged at our weekly dinners.

There are no reservations, no membership fee, and no commitment, with the exception of special events.