The Language Club of Westchester

"Recognition and recall of a language depend on proficiency, exposure and practice."


Marlene London administers a foreign language Lending Library consisting of books and cassettes for the benefit of active members who come to the practice dinners. The rules and procedures follow:

Membership in The Language Club of Westchester’s Lending Library is free and open to any member in good standing who comes to the practice dinners.

Donations of language materials* in good condition such as language books, cassettes, books, videos, and CDs can be given to the Librarian at the Club’s regular Wednesday dinner meetings.

The Librarian may choose not to accept material she deems unsuitable for the collection.

A list of materials in the collection will be made available to all members and will be updated periodically.

Borrowers must provide their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, if any, as well as changes to this information as they occur.

Borrowers may pick up items at the Club’s regular Wednesday dinner meetings, but they must advise the Librarian in advance, preferably by e-mail, of the desired item(s).

Up to 3 (three) items may be borrowed at one time with a total deposit of $5.00.

Items can be borrowed up to one 1 (one) month.

A loan can be extended 1 (one) month if another member has not reserved the item.

Renewals can be made in person, by e-mail, or by telephone, providing the item’s title, author (of book), and date (of cassette or CD).

Items not returned within 1 (one) month or renewed will be subject to an overdue charge of $ .25 per day.

Items not returned after 2 (two) months will be considered purchased. An appropriate charge will be levied by the Librarian.

Any item not immediately available can be reserved by completing a request form on which the borrower provides his/her name and the item title and date, if a cassette.

All cassettes must be rewound prior to returning to the Librarian.

While these donated materials may already have writing or highlighting on them, they are not to be further defaced by the borrower.

Materials that the Librarian chooses to remove from the collection may be sold to the members at bargain prices at the Club’s Annual Picnic.

Any materials not sold to the members will be donated to a public library or otherwise disposed of, at the Librarian’s discretion.

All proceeds from this program will be used for its maintenance and promotion.

*This program does not include magazines or newspapers.